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Meet the team

Stephen Holmes
Managing Director

Ever feel like your Grandchildren are better off than you? I wish I had a butler at 5 years old!

Carla Grey
Sales Support

The advantage of being a parent is you can watch Bedtime stories and no one judges you!

Wendy Miles
Sales Support

No one goes hungry with me around, happy to be the office feeder!!

John Albertella

They say age is but a number, proud to say mine is a big one...77 and still not out!

Sarah Woolford
Accounts Assistant

Number cruncher by day, Ukuleleist by night

Tom Ryan
Sales & Operations

When you don’t want to work with your Father what do you do, work for a competitor!

Will Chapman
Sales & Operations

I’ve always wanted a farm of my own, now the only stock I manage is out on lease with our customers!

Carol McKoy
Group Credit Controller

5 ‘till 9 ab cruncher, 9 ‘till 5 credit cruncher. McKoy by name but in no way coy by nature!