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Mini Lease & Short Term Hire

To utilize our Short Term Vehicle Hire service you must have an existing Business Contract Hire agreement with ICR Leasing. An addendum to your agreement may be required. With over 100 sites across the UK we can supply your short term hire requirements no matter where you are in the country.

Keeping your employees on the move is hugely important to your business Ė and we understand that. Whether itís a one-day vehicle hire for an important business meeting, or perhaps something longer for a contractor or a new employee on probation, our short term vehicle hire service can help.

Need a car at short notice?

We understand that there are certain circumstances in which youíll find you need a business car quickly. Giving you peace of mind that access to a car is just a call away.

Perhaps you want a vehicle for the longer term?

Should you find that you require a temporary vehicle for a longer period you can select a vehicle segment that suits your business requirements and book the length of the rental (for example three, six or 12 months).